Near Field Communication and the iPhone5 Tipping Point

I wanted to repost this blog from 2012 when we were hoping the iPhone5 would have NFC. We had to wait , but NOW the iPhone6, iPhone6 Plus and the new Apple wearable watch HAVE NFC. Hurray!

iPhone gets NFC...So What

Ooh, Ahh, the New iPhones are coming. Will it take your temperature using the camera? Does it work as a food processor too? Can it handle Near Field Communication?

Who Cares?

Near Field Communication, NFC, wasn't built for the iPhone, iPad, or Apple. NFC was created and moves forward because it works for what it was designed for, short object to object communication. It was never created to sense your presence in an airport. It is a fantastic extension of RFID technology that was developed to track shipments and products.

To that end it works perfectly.

  • Are you standing at a POS terminal in the gas station and want to pay for your purchase with your phone...You can do that
  • Are you interested in Birthday cards that link to a Facebook page...You can do that
  • Do you want your trading cards to come to life on your phone...You can do that
It seems to be a miracle that NFC has come so far without the need for an iPhone presence. What would we do if the iPhone never had NFC?

I think the world will continue to rotate on it's axis, the sun would still rise in the East, and NFC will continue to grow. You don't have to take my work for it, just Google 'Near Field Communication' and see the results for yourself. Android based phones have 70+% of the global market, it is only in the US that Apple still has a more than 40% user adoption. It may come as a surprise to some, but the rest of the world has smartphones that have NFC capabilities.

It may also come as a shock to some when Apple starts adding features already available in most modern smartphones in order to stay competitive. No tech company can live in a void (unless your RIM), and no company stays around without meeting users demands. So, take heart NFC brethren, the winds of change will come to Cupertino. It may just take a little kick in the pants for them to realize it.

Near Field Communication and 3D Printers

NFC and 3d printing 'Earl Grey. Hot' - Jean-Luc Picard, is the catch phrase for 3d Printing. It embodies the idea that with a three dimensional printer creating anything is possible. That same ethos applies to Near Field Communication. If you put the two together then you get, Infinity times Infinity and everyone's mind is blown.
In fact, we've just completed the build of our own Reprap MendelMax 3d printer. And, will be working on some proto-types that bring 3d objects and NFC together.

Just like 3d printers create a real object, NFC enables the internet of information to be accessed from the tap of a real thing. Smart posters, home front door locks, grocery coupons displays and birthday cards are just some examples of interesting use cases for NFC enabled objects.

These are two very exciting technologies coming together and TeamProjectsOnly, Inc. is having a blast blending them in new and unique ways. If you would like to know more about how your business could use this technology for Marketing, Sales, or for a Promotion, please drop us a note.

Here are some pics of our build;
NFC and 3d printing NFC and 3d printing NFC and 3d printing NFC and 3d printing

Near Field Communication from 30,000 feet

NFC Beach When the military and extreme sports junkies want to do the most dangerous parachute jump possible they go for the HALO jump. High Altitude Low Orbit jumps are very dangerous but they afford the jumper an awesome view that includes seeing the curvature of the earth. That is cool and scary at the same time.

If we look at the growth of Near Field Communication as if from a HALO view we see that NFC is also cool and scary. It's got a cool factor that most people don't get until they see it in action. The demos that we have done always get a 'wow' factor from the crowd. But, the scary factor is that certain large corporations in Cupertino, CA can't seem to get the chips for NFC in their phones.

We at TeamProjectsOnly, Inc. have dedicated ourselves to the NFC technologies with our EssentialNFC platform. We see blogs and alerts with new and interesting NFC use cases everyday. Unfortunately, these are mostly occurring overseas. It's time for the big players in NFC payments to stop bickering like school kids in a kick ball match.

NFC has great potential for security, gaming and marketing, but without a unifying voice for NFC we will all continue to sit on the sidelines. And, the biggest loser is the consumer that could experience something as cool as voice recognition and eye tracking motion sensors.

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